Cell cultures are a integral part of cell biology studies. Cell lines have revolutionized scientific research and are being used in vaccine production, testing drug metabolism and cytotoxicity, antibody production, study of gene function, generation of artificial tissues (e.g., artificial skin) and synthesis of biological compounds e.g., therapeutic proteins. Some primary cells are also being used for therapeutic work in the area of Cell and Gene Therapy.

Are your cell lines authenticated?

Cell lines are important for any cell biology research work. If the cell lines are contaminated or having a different origin the results and interpretation would be completely misleading. Hence it is important to authenticate your research cell lines for their origin, contamination and be confident in your results and interpretation. Authenticate your cell lines with us today and be assertive in publishing your data.
When should you do it?
When a cell line is obtained /established
When a large banking is carried out
When starting a study and routinely during the study
When a cell line has gone through many passages
When in doubt
As a standard quality control
What can lead to misidentification?
Chromosomal instability
Microsatellite instability
Labelling errors

STR assays can also be used to track the identity of human tumors samples that are either derived from patient xenografts or cell lines.

Why authenticate at theracues?

At theraCUES the cell line identification is done by STR profiling which is the gold standard for cell line authentication
Detection of ten loci, based on ATCC standards, including Amelogenin for gender determination.
Further validation using databases like Expasy and ATCC
Comparison report of allelic calls between cell lines
Avoids the need to design primers and optimize PCR reactions

Expert Data Analysis
Cancer cell lines have many mutations and deletions, so cell line authentication requires carefully interpreting the DNA profile report, which presents alleles graphically as peaks- Expert data analysis help is necessary here.