Effective nucleic acid isolation is the cornerstone of every molecular biology assay. It's critical to ensure that sufficient RNA & DNA extractions are done and quality checks are performed with utmost accuracy. Our nucleic acid isolation service is unrivalled in the industry, providing the best results for your research samples.

Why outsource it to us?

Often samples can be too less or rare and optimal isolation protocols are needed to maximize yield and minimize fragmentation of nucleic acids. With our expertise you can quickly obtain isolations from any sample type and use it for downstream experiments, without having to worry about quality or quantity.

*Final yield depends on the amount of starting sample material provided.

DNA isolation sample types:
Tissue (Human/Plant) - FFPE, Fresh frozen
Blood, Saliva, Urine, Plasma, Serum
Cell lines and more!
RNA isolation sample types:
Tissue (Human/Plant), FFPE, Fresh Frozen, Tissue preserved in RNA later
Blood- PAXgene, Preserved in RNA later
Saliva, Urine, Plasma, Serum- Frozen or in RNA later
Cells, Exosomes-miRNA and more!

Quality control

Nucleic acid quality is critical to experimental success, here at theraCUES we use well-established tools for quality control of RNA and DNA samples.

Our reports include digital data about concentration, size, and integrity for the highest confidence in your downstream experiments.